About Us

   “Juda NT” is a friendly, modern and business ethics guided real estate company. Our real estate professionals love their work, they are maximum goal and work quality oriented.  “Juda NT” – the highest service quality guarantee.

Our services for Business:

  • Development of construction projects from idea to realization;
  • Real estate sales, purchase, rental process management;
  • Investing in real estate;

Our services for Private Customers:

  • Real estate sales, purchase and rental process management;
  • Rental housing constant accounting, occupancy management;
  • Construction work, housing installation management,
  • Housing search according to the needs of the client;
  • Investment in real estate consultancy;
  • Financial advisory services;

Our second activity is a charity ant support for people with movement disabilities and  people with social problems. Our Charity and support foundation “Juda” was founded to help those people, who need it the most. All our company workers share their kindness voluntarily and want to get involved in all kind of projects.

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